Grub season is upon us once again, by the middle of August and through most of the fall season, white grubs will be predominate as the most destructive turf insect. To prevent significant injury to lawns under our care we provide a grub prevention treatment. We have selected Merit insecticide as our prevention treatment. The active ingredient in Merit is sufficient residual activity so that the application can be made in June and July preceding the egg laying activity of the adults (Japanese beetle and Masked chaffers) egg. Waiting to treat a lawn until severe damage has taken place means that we will be trying to control larger more hardy grub.

How can you tell if your lawn has an insect problem?
Lawn insects are not very easy to see. When you are out on your lawn you should be looking for several indicators that will alert you to a possible problem. Some of the common indicators of insect activity are:

  • Large flocks of birds feeding on the lawn, pecking holes in grass as they search for insects.
  • Small moths are seen flying around the lawn during the evening hours.
  • Patches of grass chewed off right at the soil level.
  • Turf can be rolled back like carpet since roots have been chewed.
  • Skunks and raccoons tear and destroy existing turf searching for grubs.