TurfMan’s Optional Services

TurfMan provides several lawn and lawn-related services. Moreover, we partner with quality professionals to help keep your lawn and landscaping looking great. We provide:

Grub Control

One of the most destructive turf insects in our area. The feed on the roots of grass, causing large patches of the lawn to brown out. TurMan applies a preventative treatment in June of July to insure your grub free lawn.

Core Aeration

Soils readily compact and suffocate your grass plants. Core aeration immediately increases the percentage of oxygen in the soil and literally breathes life into your grass plants. This results in a denser, healthier lawn.

Overseeding and Slice Seeding

Using the new and improved turf-type tall fescues and bluegrasses, we can add color and life to your lawn. In doing so, overseeding and slice seeding allows for a fuller lawn, preventing and choking out ugly weeds. Additionally, overseeding after an aeration is an ideal way to improve density after a rough summer. Slice seeding can be done on lawns that require larger renovation.

Mole Control

Moles can be devastating to lawns. Many people spend much time and money on their lawns, assuring a beautiful landscape, just to have a mole tear through the turf, wreaking havoc by leaving unsightly mounds and tunnels.

Perimeter Pest Control

Because insects invade your home from the outside, we can help keep the insects from entering your home in the first place. We apply three treatments to your perimeter foundation, forming a barrier to discourage pests from entering your space.

Lawn Disease Control

There are many diseases that affect turfgrass plants during the growing season. We will apply corrective fungicides in conjunction with good cultural practices. (i.e. proper fertilization, mowing, watering and core aeration.)

Tree and Shrub Care

Complete tree and shrub health care, including emerald ash borer control, consultation provided by ISA certified arborist.