Welcome to Turfman Lawn!

Turfman LLC is dedicated to providing quality lawn care at a fair price.

Our mission is to take care of your turf needs, allowing you the time to enjoy your law. So, just relax this season and let Turfman maintain your turf needs!

Learn more about Turfman, and owner John Rust.

Our Services

Turfman serves the turf care needs of Greater Cincinnati, including Northern Kentucky.  Our services include lawn fertilization, weed control, seeding, aeration, grub control, and much more. Our technicians are not only competent but have the industry experience to properly diagnose and treat your lawn, making it beautiful and enjoyable. Learn more about our services.

The Turfman Program

Our basic program includes six properly timed, seasonal lawn treatments designed to keep your lawn weed-free and looking beautiful! We add vital nutrients to your lawn, apply materials to rid the weeds from the turf and take measures to keep turf diseases from ruining your lawn. Learn more about the Turfman Program.

The Turfman Plus Program

The Turfman Plus Program is designed to take your lawn to the next level by providing all our basic services, plus core aeration and grub control, giving your lawn the best possible protection. This more comprehensive program enables you to enjoy your lawn, knowing that your lawn is in good hands! Read more about The Turfman Plus Program.

Optional Services

Turfman provides optional and a la carte services as well, such as grub control, core aeration, overseeding, slice seeding, perimeter pest control and more. Learn more about our optional services here.

Turfman Tips

Read some valuable tips concerning mowing, water, grubs and other useful information as to how you can keep your lawn green and weed-free in the Turfman’s Tips section.